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French polishing services

French polishing services in Reading

Are you looking for French polishing experts? Contact Roy Temple Polishing. We are Reading's experts in furniture polishing and restoration.

Smooth finishing for furniture

Whether you want to get your front door or the entire staircase polished, contact Roy Temple Polishing. We specialise in providing high-quality polishing on all kinds of wooden furniture. We can customise our services to meet your preference and budget. Whether you require dining or coffee tables re-polished, our team of experienced professionals can get it done promptly and efficiently.

You can depend on us to strip and re-polish any existing furniture so that it matches the original coating. We can effectively polish any furniture and give it a smooth finish. 

Enhance the natural colour of furniture

Varnish application
If you want to remove the cup rings or teapot marks on your furniture, contact Roy Temple Polishing. Our French polishing services can get them removed effectively. You can rely on our specialists to remove any type of stain marks and give back your furniture its original sheen. We can enhance the natural colour of the wood to make your furniture look like new. 

Whether your furniture is a modern or an antique piece, we can provide the polishing and service it needs. We can also repair any existing damage to the furniture piece, if it is required. With over 35 years in furniture restoration, we can confidently polish and restore all types of furniture.

Our furniture polishing services and solutions

Staircase wood polishing
We provide polishing services for items that include the following:
  • Modern furniture 
  • Antique furniture 
  • Pianos 
  • Kitchen cabinets 
  • Floors 
  • Staircases 
  • Doors
You can ask us for a free quote. We can also pick up the items and deliver them back after polishing. Get in touch with us for more details.
Our French polishing specialists can deliver a high gloss finish for your furniture. You can rely on our experts to make your old furniture look new and attractive.
Roy Temple Polishing delivers high-quality French polishing services for all kinds of furniture. If you are in Reading, 
call us on 0118 940 2211

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